Many clients, during the summer season call to say they found these perfectly cut out holes in the plant leaves !  A mystery no more !  –  these are actually made by a group of bees – the Megachilidae.

Typical leaf cut outs in roses.  Thank you U of Florida !

A common solitary garden bee that collects pieces of foliage to line its nest with.  They use cut leaves to construct nests in cavities (mostly in rotting wood). They create multiple cells in the nest, each with a single larva and pollen for the larva to eat.

Bee lining her nest with leaves ! Thank you M S University !

Usually prefers soft, thin, herbaceous, wide, and hairless leaves.  They especially like leaves from a low light location which makes the leaf more supple.  Roses, wisteria, cercis, and dogwood are top on their list.  They prefer plants that are 3’ or more above the ground.

Leafcutting bees are also important native pollinators of North America – wildflowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops such as alfalfa and blueberries.

Guilty ! Thank you Land for Wildlife !

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But if they are

 all you can do is admire their ingenious nest building skills !

– they are protected by NYS law


written by our in house horticulturalist – Peter Morris BSc. MSc. MBA