What to expect 


If you have a roof top garden or a balcony garden space, the temperatures of the planters and the soil in them will drop to the same as the ambient air. Only very hardy plants will tolerate this.


Exposed windy rooftop – but what a view !


In ground gardens however are a bit warmer because of the ground and warmer soil.  They also tend to be nestled and protected by buildings – away from the wind.


A lovely secluded quiet garden


Basic things to do


By now your irrigation system should be turned off and all of the pipes “blown out”.  That is – drained of water that can freeze and split your irrigation pipes causing flooding.

Your Perennials should be cut back – grasses too.  Hydrangeas can be left if you like the look of the dried flower heads in the garden over winter. Just make sure to prune them back very late in Winter or early in Spring – before the leaves start to bud.


Hydrangeas can be allowed to dry out and stay all winter


Protect from the wind


Most gardens on rooftops are exposed to some wind.  Some locations and neighborhoods are worse than others – try the upper west side !


Wide open spaces can be very windy !


When extreme, winds can dry out the soil, foliage and any evergreen leaves.  In these spots, plants need additional protection.  For broadleaf evergreens an application of anti desiccant is in order.  If things are especially windy, or for delicate plants, wrapping in burlap is recommended. Just remember to tightly wrap the burlap and pin or wire it to the soil, plant, or planter – otherwise it will blow away !




Because your garden is asleep does not mean that it can’t be a beautiful backdrop to all of your holiday events. At Plant Specialists we decorate planters, window boxes and tree pits. 

We use cut evergreen branches and cones or berries to give it a lovely wintery feel from inside your home.  It also will add some protection for the roots of the trees from the winter weather.   Just be sure to secure the greens and cones in with U pins (also called sod staples).  These 6″ long metal pins are reasonably priced and available at all good hardware stores.


Cut greens and live winter evergreens plants


For winterizing your garden or for decoration ideas and help

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Article written by our Staff Horticulturist, Peter B Morris, BSc, MSc, MBA

All photographs used with permission from our own customers gardens !