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Tree Pit or Brad Pitt…

While side walks in New York are narrow and can be tricky maneuvering between dogs on leashes, strollers, dog doo doo, chalk drawings, sidewalk sales and the odd nutter or two extolling the virtues of commitment to – well a commitment to almost anything ! You will most likely notice all of these things as […]

Will my rooftop garden attract wild life?


Yes indeed is the answer to that – we have had everything from families of ducks nesting high above Central Park on the 33rd floor of a building. Robins with their powdery blue eggs Butterflies and bees are always regular visitors and very welcome ones at that ! We plant lots of flowering plants that […]

Window boxes

photo image 1

You only get one chance to make a first impression – sounds simple enough ! and makes total sense to me ! Your window boxes on your brownstone should be just that – a first impression – one that you only get to make once! The window boxes Plant Specialists offer come in a variety […]

Got wood ?

Kiln dried firewood

Indeed we do ! We have not had wood in stock for the last two years as our supplier wandered into the woods one day axe in hand and never returned …… However after many calls and wood suppliers who sent in samples we finally have a supplier that we love. She hails from Vermont […]

Garden lighting


You are about to install “The dream garden ” sourcing just the right furniture to sink into at the end of a hard day in New York City ( that’s every day I hear you say !! – you’re not wrong I reply!! ) The garden needs to be lit !! It makes your apartment […]