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WHAT IS THAT ! CAR blisters on apple leaf.  Thank you Clemson University As the summer progresses into fall gardeners start noticing these blisters on their apple tree leaves.  It’s a fungus !!! This disease is one of several caused by the genus Gymnosporangium. Its called Cedar Apple Rust. The disease  has a complex life […]


Essential oils are often used in massaging and aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. They are not meant to be eaten or swallowed. Essential oils – Thank you Very Well Health !   These oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent […]


This is a mostly invisible pest – living its life cycle in the soil for most of the season.  Grubs are the immature larvae of various species of beetles:  There are endless species of them.  Here in NYC these are the most common: Black Vine Weevil, Oriental Beetle, European Chafer, Japanese Beetle. Black vine weevil                    […]


TENT MAKERS Summer is coming to an end and some of us are looking forward to a cooler seasonal change.  Especially the tent making caterpillars !!!!! Thank you Iowa State University for this really scary picture of a tent caterpillar nest ! This is a specialized sub group of butterflies and moths, the young (caterpillars) […]


ANTHRACNOSE This is a fungus that infects a wide variety of ornamental trees and shrubs. Commonly affected plants include Japanese maple, dogwood (both shrubs and trees), oak, oak leaf hydrangea, Boston ivy and sycamore. Symptoms are observed on flowers, leaves and stems. These may vary on their expression and intensity depending on the host species. […]


Plants, like animals, have eukaryotic cells – meaning they possess a defined nucleus and membrane-bound organelles. Although they share many common features they have 2 main differences. Firstly, plant cells have a cell wall that surrounds the cell membrane, whereas animal cells do not. This allows them to form an upright structure without the need […]


I was looking online for petunias – the customers’ request was “something different”.  OMG – I got lost in all the choices ! Xihe LV green – Etsy Tiger – Dengarden Tea light – Horticulture week   Vogue – Ball seed company Apple Blossom – Etsy Orchid Mist – Swallowtail garden seeds EZ Rider – […]