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The Root issue

Roots   Roots are in a perpetual search for new sources of food and water. This continuous growth habit is never ending. They move away from the center of the plant and can go in any direction except up, or into sunlight. There are substances in the roots sensitive to gravity and this keeps them […]

What is a Hybrid ?

HYBRIDIZING   From a commercial perspective it is a process by which new, plants are developed with particularly desirable qualities therefore making them more marketable. Hybrids are developed for their disease resistance, growth rate, size of plant, flower, fruit or size of fruit, increased flowering, color, taste, or any reason a plant might be considered […]

Spring Bulbs

colorful spring bulb look in front of brownstone   For a Fabulous Spring Look call Plant Specialists today – the choices are endless !!     PLANT SPECIALISTS GREENING NEW YORK FOR OVER 52 YEARS !     Article written by our Staff Horticulturist, Peter B Morris, BSc, MSc, MBA All photographs used with permission […]