Grahame was born in a small village in North Queensland, Australia. He grew up on a
fishing boat with his parents until the age of 12. He was educated via the "Outback School of the Air", a two-way radio-learning system.

Ironically, Grahame ended up amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City -- quite a contrast from the village of sixty people he was born in.
This change was brought about by his overwhelming desire to travel, his passion for experiencing the diversity of the world, and his desire to immerse himself in varying cultures.

After growing up on the sea, Grahame resided in New Zealand for ten years, Thailand for three seasons and then lived for a decade in Canada before making New York City home.

Coming from a gardening family of Orchid experts, Grahame has always been mesmerized by nature. He has a lifelong love of plants, gardens, garden design and all aspects of the horticultural arts and sciences.

Owner of Plant Specialists since 2004, he is proud to be involved with a team that have been Greening New York’s interiors and exteriors since 1972!